Be That Teacher

Many of us have that one teacher we remember. The teacher who helped us to learn and grow, who gave us the confidence to explore and master new talents and skills. The teacher who encouraged us to strive for more and helped us reach our potential.

Be That Teacher is a joint Australian, state and territory government initiative which aims to showcase the value and importance of teachers and encourages Australians to consider a career in teaching.

Teachers across Australia share why they choose to teach and their inspirational stories about the lasting impact they have had on their students.

Share your inspiring teacher story

Teachers inspire, shape and guide future generations. Their work has a lasting impact beyond the classroom. We know there are thousands of teachers across the country with inspiring stories.

If you’re a teacher: join the campaign, spread the word and get involved. We will showcase all the amazing ways in which you made a positive impact on the lives of your students.

In 150 words or less, share a time you ‘became that teacher’ and have your story and photo published in our teacher gallery. Help us create the largest gallery EVER that profiles every teacher in Australia!

Information about teaching

The National Teacher Workforce Action Plan was developed to address the national issue of teacher workforce shortages. We have many amazing teachers across the country, but we need more. The plan is designed to increase the number of people choosing to become teachers and ensure that existing teachers remain in the profession.

If you are a school leaver, graduate or career switcher thinking about a career in teaching, view pathways into teaching, scholarships and support available to you.

Become a teacher in your state or territory