New video case studies share teachers’ inspirations, passions, and experiences

Education is the door to opportunity and teachers can be the difference in helping students reach their full potential. Their dedication, hard work and commitment can have an important impact on children and young people of all ages.

The Australian Government Department of Education interviewed ten dedicated and passionate teachers across Australia, from early childhood centres, primary and high schools on their personal experiences of teaching, the rewards and the challenges. Teachers spoke about their love of educating, how they empower children to be their best selves and help them become confident learners.

The video series celebrates teachers and the valuable work they do each day.

To ensure teachers are provided with the support they need to continue teaching our future generations, the National Teacher Workforce Action Plan (Action Plan) sets out a clear pathway to addressing the national issue of teacher workforce shortages. For more information on the Action Plan the visit the National Teacher Workforce Action Plan webpage.

More information

Information is also available on the department’s programs and opportunities for teachers. This includes programs for teachers working in very remote locations and teaching scholarships. There are also links to the states and territories websites, with helpful information on becoming a teacher.

Find out more and watch the videos.