Angela Phillips

Secondary School, Mathematics,
South Australia

One of my most memorable ‘thank you’ was a coordinated thank you from my Year 12 General Mathematics class in 2018. I had taught several of the students in both Year 11 and 12. Some of the students had really struggled with Mathematics and many had tried to complete Mathematical Methods in Year 11. This had left some of the students with a negative perception of their abilities within mathematics and of the subject area. I worked with the class to develop their self-confidence in the subject and to generate a love of mathematics. Over the last few weeks of Term 3, lots of the students within my class kept wanting to get their photograph taken with me. When I saw what they had produced for me, I was blown away. The students produced a book in which they had shared pictures and messages from our time as a class.

Angela Phillips
Thank you Ms Phillips - Memento

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