Brodie Anderson

Primary School,
New South Wales

What inspired you to get into teaching?

I was once told that every student in your classroom is someone else’s entire world. This statement alone has had a profound impact on the way in which I enter a school community and was a driving force behind my decision to become an educator. I know that it is my responsibility and privilege to build a strong foundation of trust, be a positive role model and establish meaningful relationships with each individual student. My experiences thus far have taught me the value of connections and how these connections can influence student learning and ultimately, a student’s life. Education is life changing. I aspire to provide students with a strong foundation for lifelong learning while feeling valued and heard.

Why do you teach?

Becoming a teacher has given me the opportunity to ensure that every day is a new day to make a difference. For one year, term or one moment in time, I have the power to change a student’s view on something. Teaching is much more to me than delivering curriculum-based lessons and conducting assessments. I strongly believe that it is about transforming students into knowledge seekers and providing them with the opportunities to discover their own skills and talents. It is my responsibility and ultimate desire to pass on this gift of knowledge to future generations.

Have you received a special keepsake from your student/s that you treasure?

I taught a particular student for two years. She shared with me many stories over that time of her Aboriginal cultural background. This student taught me many things and was a talented and budding artist. When students move off to high school, I often receive special keepsakes. This student, however, was different. She worked on an original canvas artwork that depicted her traditional art techniques and reflected the journey of our relationship and the experiences she had at our school. It has been hanging in my classroom ever since and will forever be a treasured keepsake. With the student's permission, the artwork also featured as our Year 6 shirt the following year!

Headshot – Brodie Anderson, looking at camera, smiling
Brodie Anderson - memento

Are you a teacher with an inspiring story and do you have a keepsake from a student that reminds you of a special teaching moment?

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