Hayley Condron

Primary School,

One of the times where I feel I made a significant impact was with a group of students I taught in Thailand. At the international school I worked at, we were lucky enough to run a cognitive enhancement program.

We were the only ones running this in Asia at the time, and we had many families move from all around Asia just for this program. The growth that we saw in the student's cognitive abilities was remarkable.

We had students who struggled to read menus end up having Harry Potter as their favourite novel and sitting reading for passion in the corner of our room. This also had the biggest impact on me too, and ever since I have been passionate about targeting cognition through the science of neuroplasticity.

I am now a primary school teacher in Queensland and any time a student uses the language I have taught them, to talk about their brain, it reminds me why I wanted to become a teacher.

Hayley Condron

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