Jamie Lynch

Primary School and Secondary School ,
New South Wales

What inspired you to get into teaching?

After traveling around Australia performing theatre for children, I realised I had a natural talent for working with students (perhaps because I am just a big kid at heart). This discovery led me to pursue a degree in teaching, and I haven’t looked back since. My nana was also a teacher, and I’ve always been told my energy and personality resemble hers. Following in her footsteps is something I am very proud of.

Why do you teach?

I am rewarded every day by the small successes in my classroom. Creating a safe space where students can make mistakes, grow, and build skills makes me feel incredibly fortunate to do what I do. Also, students are just the best. Their imagination, empathy, and excitement are a constant source of inspiration for me.

What's your stand out/most memorable teaching moment?

I take immense pride in my daily work with students who have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, helping them develop social skills, life skills, and effective communication. In 2023, I adapted the curriculum to allow my class to access and perform a Shakespearean text. The students responded with enthusiasm and high engagement. By utilising my skills in performance and film editing, I was able to enhance their learning outcomes.

What is your advice for new teachers or people considering a career in teaching?

My advice for future teachers is to build positive relationships with the entire school community you are involved in, whether it be with teachers, students, administrative staff, support staff, or families. Working and collaborating together with positivity can make all the difference. Also, celebrate all the small successes! What may seem like small steps can be monumental for some students.

Headshot – Jamie Lynch, looking at camera, smiling

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