Leanne Shead

Secondary School, Visual Arts,

In 2022, I celebrated my 30th year of teaching. My primary objective as a Visual Arts teacher has always been to empower my students through public display of their art. Entering their work into art exhibitions and competitions. I encouraged one of my students to apply for the ‘In-Residence’ program, run by the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

She was unsure if she was good enough, and with encouragement and support, we entered her artwork. She was selected as one of 22 students in Queensland and flew to Brisbane to engage in a 2-day workshop at QAGOMA. For World Teachers’ Day last October, this student wrote me a keepsake in the form of a heartfelt message that shared her newfound connection and understanding that she was an ‘artist’. This was a breakthrough moment for her and has motivated her to follow her artistic dreams.

She wrote me a heartfelt message.
Leanne Shead -Memento

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