Lola Stanton

Primary School,

As a First Nations teacher I value the importance of educating the hearts and minds of our next generation. I have a passion to equip each child with a love of learning and respect for each other and Mother Earth. I believe including First Nations perspectives within each lesson is valuable for a sustainable and respectful future.

I can recall a time where numerous non-First Nations children in my classroom wanted to know the dreamtime story of the Willy Wagtail as they had observed one flying around in the classroom. As an early childhood primary teacher, it’s important we teach to how the child learns. I adapt and include aspects that will build their knowledge systems that they can pass onto others within their learning and life journey. I work and value students’ parents by developing strong partnerships. I acknowledge they are their child’s first teacher. This allows us to ensure every child is successful.

Sharing knowledge and the love for learning allows you as a teacher to make an inspiring impact to each little heart and mind you teach and also the school community you are fortunate to be placed in.

Lola Stanton

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