Madelaine Hudson

Secondary School, PE,
New South Wales

As a teacher in a low socio economic area, I have the privilege of working with students from all walks of life and enjoy being a positive contribution to their life every day.

One student in particular, whom I have worked closely with for the last 2 years, made me a special gift I will never part with. As a student in our alternate learning space, she partook in a portrait making task in visual arts. She chose me to base her art upon. Not only did the portrait warm my heart, but her words regarding the artwork made me cry.

This portrait and its description will hang in my home and remind me daily why I go to work and the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment for each and every student, every day they walk through the school gate. It will reiterate the importance of providing opportunities for all students, regardless of where they study.

Madelaine Hudson - Headshot
Madelaine Hudson - Memento

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