Maha Yasin

Secondary School, Science,
Australian Capital Territory

Teaching transcends the boundaries of classrooms; it's a journey of nurturing minds and souls. This was reflected in my experience with a Year 12 student who gave me an extraordinary keepsake that encapsulated the essence of this journey.

The drawing, a harmonious blend of a woman's figure with a blossoming hydrangea, symbolised the growth and flourishing of a student under the nurturing care of a teacher. It wasn’t just the artwork that moved me, it was also the message that the student had written on the back. "You took time to nurture the petals even though you never planted the roots; the hydrangeas now bloom beyond what they ever could because one woman became a mother to a girl who really needed you," illustrated the unique bond between teacher and student.

The drawing and message are a reminder of the profound and lasting impact a teacher can have on a student's life, shaping not just their academic path but also their personal growth and well-being. This keepsake is not just a memento; it's a symbol of the extraordinary impact that teaching imprints on both the hearts and minds of those we educate.

I will forever cherish it as a beacon of the incredible journey and fulfilling mission that teaching embodies.

Maha Yasin
Maha Yasin - Memento

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