Mitchell Read

Secondary School,
New South Wales

What inspired you to get into teaching?

I was inspired to get into teaching thanks to the wide variety of passionate, engaging, and supportive teachers throughout my primary and secondary school experience. These teachers not only encouraged a love of learning but showed me how rewarding a career in teaching can be. My amazing history teachers at high school were particularly important in my teaching journey. Their ability to turn history into something that was relevant to my life and the world around me is something that has always stuck with me. Their challenging my understanding and providing me with a whole range of perspectives has shaped who I am today.

Why do you teach?

I teach because education is what I see as the most valuable thing in our life. Being able to work with a whole range of different groups in our society is something that I've always been interested in. As a teacher I feel like we are able to provide students from a diverse range of backgrounds the tools they need to be the best version of themselves. Being able to see your students learn and grow is such a rewarding aspect of my job and is the reason I will always want to be a teacher. The fact that I get to do this whilst being able to use my own personal passion in history and geography is an added bonus.

Have you received a special keepsake from your student/s that you treasure?

There have been a few letters and notes I have received over the years that have been pretty significant. When students take the time and care to express how appreciative they feel of the connection you've built with them in the classroom, it really gives you that sense that what we do in teaching is so much more than just the subject you teach them, and that's something I'll always treasure and reflect on in my career.

Headshot – Mitchell Read, looking at camera, smiling

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