Rhiannon Smith

Primary School,
New South Wales

What inspired you to get into teaching?

I grew up with a mother who is an incredibly committed teacher. I was also educated by what I consider to be, expert teachers, throughout my entire schooling life. I was undecided on my future career path when I attended university, and my first degree was International Relations and Asian Studies. However, I couldn't ignore my passion to educate so I went on to do my Masters of Teaching, where on my first practicum, I was hooked. I was truly inspired and have never looked back since.

Why do you teach?

I teach to make a difference. I am lucky enough to teach life skills to senior school students. Each student's goals centre around ensuring they are successful upon leaving school, which then enables us to provide a highly individualised program that caters to each student. When I think about why I teach and the difference I am making to my students’ lives, I consider what their post-school opportunities will be, such as gaining a job, accessing the community and living independently. This then inspires me every day to provide a holistic education for each of my students.

Headshot – Rhiannon Smith, looking at camera, smiling

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