Sadika Zaarour

Primary School,
New South Wales

In Term 2 of kindergarten, one of the students was a hesitant child who was refusing to attend class. Despite not being his teacher at the time, I offered support due to his separation anxiety. Assuring him and his mother of our safe school environment, his transformation began.

His face would light up when he saw me, and he expressed a desire to be in my class. He ended up being in my class in Year 1 (where he wrote this letter) and again in Year 3. His transition was smooth, and he quickly became an engaged and enthusiastic learner.

It came as no surprise when he achieved Band 6 in all NAPLAN categories, a testament to his hard work and determination. His journey from a hesitant kindergartener to a successful student showcases resilience and the power of support, reminding us that any child can reach their potential in a nurturing environment.

Sadika Zaarour
Sadika Zaarour - Memento

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