Samantha Owczarek

Primary School & Secondary School, Graphic Design, Information Technology,

I work as a teacher delivering remote learning, teaching technologies and certificate courses from a Distance Education school.

I once taught a fairly quiet student who had various physical and mental health issues. She would sometimes avoid adding to conversations or seeking assistance in class. I remember the few times she emailed me or sent a private message asking for help as she had fallen behind. I would reply with instructions and assistance which she would follow up in the best way she could. I always encouraged her to do her best and seek assistance no matter what the question.

A highlight was when she completed a Certificate I in Information Technologies. Getting that certificate meant a great deal to her as she had completed something herself.

When she finished her schooling, she sent me a lovely message and gift. While the gift was amazing, it was the words that truly hit home and showed that the power of passion, planning and patience does make a difference to each individual student.

It made me remember the reason for becoming a teacher in the first place – to make a difference and I’m proud that I succeeded. We often don’t see the full effect we have on students, especially in Distance Education, until we get messages like these.

Samantha Owczarek
Samantha Owczarek - Memento

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