Sarah Adams

Secondary School, Visual Arts,

In my 20 years teaching art I have had the privilege of helping many young artists find their practice, but the work of this artist has left its mark. This student had personal obstacles that she faced with the epitome of resilience. COVID lockdown added further layers of complexity. To help with her wellbeing, she adopted 3 rats that became her therapy animals.

As her teacher, I shifted my approach to meet her evolving needs and to create an environment where she felt comfortable. She spent countless hours regaling me with the stories of her ‘boys’ as she created piece after piece in homage. She completed Year 12 and won a university scholarship to study the arts.

During her final week she gifted me one of her precious rat sculptures. I keep this little guy close. When I look at this memento, I am reminded that becoming a teacher was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life.

Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams - Memento

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