Srestha Banerjee

Primary & Secondary School,
Australian Capital Territory

I am an after-school drama teacher to children from the ages of 4 right through to high school. These 6 months have been nothing short of magical. I am truly blessed to be working with such a fantastic team of colleagues and a bright and bubbly group of children and young people who bring out the best in me every day and inspire me in more ways than one.

One such student in my after-school classes, is a Year 2 student who looks up to me a lot. Her eyes sparkle with joy and she holds the door, eagerly anticipating my arrival every Monday evening at the centre where I teach. Within a week of joining and teaching her class, she gave me a hand-written note which said, "You are extremely kind and veryyyyyyyy nice! Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to perform in front of so many people".

It is because of students like her which motivates me to never give up and turn up against all odds even on days when it feels like my body doesn't want to allow me to work any further! Thank you, students, for bringing out the best in me! #DeeplyGrateful

Srestha Banerjee - Headshot, lady with dark hard tied back wearing a red shirt smiling.
Letter from student to teacher: thank you for being a great drama teacher. Thankyou for letting us perform in front of lots of people. You are verrrrrrrrrry nice and kind. Love from Shrishta

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