Tania Willsdon

Primary School,
South Australia

Being a reception teacher is not just about educating students. It is about building connections with families. Parents put a lot of trust in their child’s first teacher and for many, it is the first time they have handed over responsibility of their child to another adult for this length of time.

Over the years I was extremely fortunate to teach 3 children from the same family when they were in reception and I built a strong trusting relationship with their parents. Taking the time to do this meant that they felt comfortable being parent volunteers and we established a collaborative partnership sharing responsibility for their children’s success. At the end of each year that I taught each child, their mother created memory boxes from the whole class. The children completed the sentence 'We love Miss Delia/Willsdon because' and this went alongside a photograph of each child. I’ll always treasure these mementos.

Tania Willsdon
Tania Willsdon - Memento

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