Tegan Douglas

Secondary School, Mathematics,
New South Wales

One of my mathematics students initially had a strong aversion to maths and lacked confidence. Early on I pulled her aside and I asked one thing of her: always ask for help when you need it. She began to engage more actively, but it was clear something else was amiss. I checked in with her regularly, sometimes, it was just a subtle gesture to let her know that I cared about her well-being. Over time, she began to confide in me about the mental health struggles she was facing. We shared stories, brainstormed strategies, and worked together to help her overcome these challenges. As the year progressed, she continued to grow in her mathematical abilities, confidence and happiness. This email affirmed I am realising my goal as a teacher, especially being one of mathematics, to build resilience and cultivate belief in our students' own potential.

Tegan Douglas
Tegan Douglas - Memento

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